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A receptive and expressive early vocabulary app for 7 languages!

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We are very proud of our cutting-edge app that is truly unique! Some of the features of this app include:

  • 50 Basic Nouns depicted in photos, color drawing or black and white representations (User can choose)
  • Ten or more representations of each word to help with generalization
  • SEVEN different languages to choose from! English (American accent), Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, Hindi, and Russian! Perfect for bilingual children or those wishing to learn a new language
  • Text on or Text off feature
  • Three levels: Teach, Find It (Receptive), Say It (Expressive) including a recording feature
  • 28 quick animations for a fun treat after each correct "Find the Word" response.
  • Up to 30 Users' settings stored in the PRO version.  (Single User: Home version)
  • Data collection for Find the Word and Say the Word activities!



Find the Word Activity Sample Screens: (with text option on)

In English:

Learn the Word: French

        Say the Word: Hindi

Sample Session Results Page:

Sample Screens from the animations below:

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