(Speech Pathologist)​​

"These are great apps to develop speech in my son with autism. He loves the games and hearing his voice. He is finally starting to put phrases together!"​

(Mom--referencing the 'First Phrases' app) 

"These are the BEST apps for speech therapy! I can use them with so many of the kids on my caseload!"

What are parents and professionals saying about our apps?

Touch.Play.Learn.Smile  :)

What makes our apps unique?

Our designs are:

  • Some are specifically designed for children who would benefit from additional practice in their speech, language or auditory development and are more therapeutic in nature (e.g. Picture the Sentence)
  • Some are appropriate for any child and are just plain fun! (e.g Fun with Directions)
  • Affordable ($19.99 or less!)
  • Engaging and fun
  • Colorful and expertly drawn by top animators
  • Highly interactive! (Including animation clips and games) 

Patti has been a speech-language pathologist for over 30 years, and has a pediatric speech therapy practice in Cupertino, CA. Along the way, she has written several books, including Childhood Speech, Language & Listening Problems: What Every Parent Should Know (1995 1st edition, 2001, 2nd edition, 2010 3rd edition), which is published in several languages around the world, as well as It's Time to Listen (ProEdinc.com) and A Metacognitive Program for Treating Auditory Processing Problems in Children (ProEdinc.com).  Patti is also developing a test for children with receptive, expressive and social-communication disorders with Dr. Deborah Swain, for Academic Therapy Publications called the RESCA-E. (www.rescaasessment.com) Patti is married and has two children who are now teens.

    A little bit more about Patti Hamaguchi: