(Speech Pathologist)​​

"These are great apps to develop speech in my son with autism. He loves the games and hearing his voice. He is finally starting to put phrases together!"​

(Mom--referencing the 'First Phrases' app) 

"These are the BEST apps for speech therapy! I can use them with so many of the kids on my caseload!"

What are parents and professionals saying about our apps?

Touch.Play.Learn.Smile  :)

What makes our apps unique?

Our designs are:

  • Some are specifically designed for children who would benefit from additional practice in their speech, language or auditory development and are more therapeutic in nature (e.g. Picture the Sentence)
  • Some are appropriate for any child and are just plain fun! (e.g Fun with Directions)
  • Affordable ($19.99 or less!)
  • Engaging and fun
  • Colorful and expertly drawn by top animators
  • Highly interactive! (Including animation clips and games) 

Patti has been a speech-language pathologist for over 30 years, and has a pediatric speech therapy practice in Cupertino, CA. Along the way, she has written several books, including Childhood Speech, Language & Listening Problems: What Every Parent Should Know (1995 1st edition, 2001, 2nd edition, 2010 3rd edition), which is published in several languages around the world, as well as A Metacognitive Program for Treating Auditory Processing Problems in Children (ProEdinc.com).  Patti also developed a test for children with receptive, expressive and social-communication disorders with Dr. Deborah Swain, for Academic Therapy Publications called the RESCA-E.  She is also a contributing author of the 4th edition of the TAPS-4 and currently working on a preschool language/social test as well as a collaboration on the RESCA-Adolescent version.

    A little bit more about Patti Hamaguchi: