Activity 1: Listening

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Full Version: Up to 75 Users & Group Play Available! (199-225 tasks total on full versions)
Lite Version: Single Player only; 12 sample tasks in each activity (36 tasks total on Lite)

(Levels 1 & 2 for Elementary-Adolescents)

(Advanced for Adolescents-Adults)

Between the Lines LITE versions  available!

Lite version 99¢

Single users only -samples of content


Perfect for social-cognitive, perspective-taking and body language awareness!

For Teens and Adults: Between the Lines  Advanced!

Level 2 : Same format, but slightly more challenging content. Provides additional tasks for practicing the same skills!

Data Collection Too!

Settings Options:

  • 2,3 or 4 choices 
  • Encouragement (bell or voice praise)
  • Answer choices automatically shown or manually

Activity 1: Listening

Who said it?
Match the facial expression with the voice and message you hear.


Between the Lines

Activity 3: Expressions (Slang & Idioms

Activity 2: Body Language & Perspective-Taking


Activity 2: Body Language & Perspective-Taking

What is he/she thinking?
Watch a short video clip. Use body language, receptive language and inference to determine what the target character is thinking.

Activity 3: Expressions (Slang & Idioms)

What does that mean?
Watch someone using a slang expression, idiom or common expression. What does it mean?

**New setting allows you to "hide" potentially objectionable slang, due to popular request..

Check out a more in-depth demo of Between the Lines on YouTube!