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Concepts include:

Turn on, Turn off, Above, Below, In front, Behind, On, Under, Up, Down, In, Out

The Superstar Direction asks the child to listen to the next direction and then tell (by recording) what was heard. It adds an element of expressive language to this app. If you do not want to include this expressive language component, go into the Preferences box on the top right of the screen and turn it off. (You can also turn it off in the Settings)

** To color an object, touch and drag the crayon to the object to be colored. Let go and let the magic crayon do the rest!

New Concept Button on top: Allows you to switch from one concept to another, such as Touch, Give, Bottom, Top, etc.
New Direction Button on the bottom: Shows you another direction within the same concept. For example, if the concept is "Push", and you touch "New Direction", another direction that includes the concept of "Push" is presented.

75 Users' Settings can be saved! Group Play option! Perfect for the busy professional!

  • Featuring:
  • Give
  • Touch
  • Open
  • Close
  • Push
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Middle
  • Color
  • Erase

Easy Directions: one action + one object  (e.g. "Close the door")
Intermediate Directions:  one action + one descriptor  (e.g. "Close the blue door" from a field of 3 choices)
Advanced Directions: one action + advanced description (e.g. "Close the big blue door" from a field of about 5 choices) 

Emphasis: Early Direction Concepts, Language & Auditory Processing

For a longer demo of this app, visit You Tube!


iPad HD & iPhone versions  available!
Full version $15.99
Lite version 99¢

Fun with Directions LITE
for 99 cents!

(Single User,
Concepts: Touch & Give included)​

Enjoy the Lite version of Fun with Directions for just 99 cents! Concepts include Touch and Give only.

For the erase activity, touch and drag the correct color pencil to the object described. Let go and let the pencil do the erasing!