3) Now choose something for the girl to draw. Let's pretend we select the cat. We touch the cat, and it moves to the circle below and turns around. The narrator says, "the cat."  (Object page and circle is always deep red/orange)

4) Visual & Auditory Cueing: Unless de-selected in the Settings, each circle is then flipped around, one at a time. The narrator voices each part as the picture is shown. In this case, we have it set to "present ing" so the sentence read is, "The girl...is drawing...a cat." The sentence is then read a second time at a conversational pace, "The girl is drawing a cat." This model can also be turned off in the Settings, if desired.

Settings Choices:


Build a Sentence

Watch & Say (shows the animations and recording screen only--skips the process of the user creating the sentence)

Verb Selection: Full version contains 39 verb choices

  • Present ing form
  • Past Regular
  • Past Irregular

Syntax Structures:

  • Subject + Verb
  • Subject + Verb + Object
  • Subject + Verb + Prepositional Phrase

Pronouns: User can opt to have He/She/the Bear for subjects

Pop It Bubble Reward Game: Set the intervals or turn it off

Visual Support/Auditory Cues

Data Tracking

Text On/Off

Recording On/Off

Full version $15.99

lite version is 99 cents

The perfect follow-up to First Phrases!


Fun with Verbs

& Sentences


Lite Version too!
Single User, samples of the activities.

Pop A Bubble Reward Game!

5) The animation that matches the sentence created is now shown! There is a hidden toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Touch the screen at the bottom to show it. You can pause the animation as needed with the toolbar.

1) First pick your subject for the sentence. There are always 3 choices: the boy, the girl or the bear. Let's pretend we selected the girl. Once touched, the picture moves to the circle below the screen and turns around. The narrator says "the girl".  (Subject circle and page is always blue!)

2) Now decide what you want them to do. Let's pretend we selected draw. We touch "draw" and that picture moves to the circle below the screen. The narrator says, "draw".  (Verb circle and page is always green!)

Check the Data when ending the session or retrieve from the Users page.

6) The recording screen: On this page, the child can touch and hear the picture icons at the bottom for review, unless de-selected in the Settings. The sentence can be recorded or simply spoken out loud. If data tracking is used, touch the parts of the sentence spoken correctly, then tap "Done". Touch the green arrow to proceed to the next activity.

Full Version: Up to 75 Users and groups!

2 Activities: Build a Sentence or Watch & Say
Here's how "Build a Sentence" works:

Choose the prize you want to find, then pop the bubbles until you find it!