Sample of an "Advanced" story--with text on feature, no pictures. The story is read to the child.

Listening to Stories with Pictures simulates listening to a story that is being read to the child. It includes a few pictures to keep the child's interest and help the child imagine what is happening in the story, but not so many that the child doesn't need to listen to the story in order to answer the questions. In addition, sound effects are used to create a mental picture and keep the child's attention. A series of questions are posed after the story. Easy levels have 3 questions. The response choices are more obvious, and the questions are simpler so the child gains confidence. Intermediate stories usually have 4 questions and have slightly more challenging questions and choices. The Advanced level stories usually have 5 questions, with choices being less obvious and questions forms being more complex. There are 25 Stories with Pictures for each level; 75 stories total. The child may touch the "Back to the Story" icon in the top left to hear the story again.

 ( Sample of an "Easy" level story)

Listening for Grammar & Meaning provides practice listening for the grammatical elements of  language such as plural forms, verb tenses, pronouns (he, she, they, it, me, I, you) negation (not, no) who/what/where concepts and prepositional concepts (with, to, for, at). Correct responses flip around when touched. There are 50 items for each level; 150 Grammar questions total.

Listening for Directions provides listening practice for concepts that are common when hearing oral directions. These include: spatial concepts (on, under, in, out, on opt, up, down, next to, behind, in front, in back of, bottom, lowest, highest, between, above, below, beneath, middle) classroom directions (sit down, raise your hand, stand up, hang up your coat, line up, draw with a a crayon, listen, "stop!", first/last, put an X/underline/circle/color/cross out something) directions at home (putting on something, brushing teeth) linguistic concepts (both, all, one, first, second, thrid, pair). When correct responses are touched, a short animation is shown as a reward. There are 50 questions for each level; 150 Directions questions total.

You will find that in the Settings, you have MANY options including the difficulty level (easy, intermediate, advanced) manual/automatic advance, number of choices shown, automatic or manual showing of choices, reward activity, tracking progress, text on/off, narration on/off!

There are 5 activities on this app:
 • Listening for Descriptions
 • Listening for Directions
 • Listening for Grammar & Meaning
 • Listening for Stories with Pictures
 • Listening for Stories without Pictures

Listening for Descriptions provides practice listening for adjectives and descriptive language such as  colors (including dark/light and colors), size concepts (largest, smallest, biggest, little, shortest, longest, tallest) states: dirty/clean, wet/dry, hot/cold; emotions (happy, sad, surprised, scared) and descriptors (stripes, spots, curly, straight, crunchy, hard, soft, round, square, triangle, pointy, empty, full, many). There are 50 questions for each level: 150 Description questions total.

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Listening Power App Series

Listening Power Apps

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Listening for Grammar: Listen to the sentences and find the one that "doesn't sound right." When selected, hear how it SHOULD sound.There are 50 questions in each level; 150 grammar questions total.

Listening for Fast Sentences: The user hears a sentence spoken quickly and then asked to select the sentence that matches what was heard. This is a good task for those with slower processing speeds, hearing impairment, and CAPD/APD. What makes sense? Auditory memory is also challenged with this task. There are 50 questions at each level; total 150 fast sentences tasks.

  Listening Power Grades K-3


Academics' Choice Smart Media Award 2016!

Also available in a Lite version for 99 cents. For a single player and has limited content.

Fun Bubble Popping Reward game! (Set at desired intervals)

There are 5 activities on this app:

* Listening for Grammar

* Listening for Missing Sounds

*Listening for Meaning

*Listening for Fast Sentences

* Listening for Stories

There are a variety of settings from which to choose: Text on/off (we are showing it "on" so you can see the questions that are posed); Easy, Intermediate or Advanced levels; Select 2, 3, or 4 choices; Reward game option, auto advance/drop (the game automatically makes it easier or more challenging depending upon the response) or manual; Show choices automatically or manually.!

Listen for Word Memory: Listen to a series of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 words. Touch them in the correct order. First level shows pictures while you hear the word--next level the screen is blank and you must remember them until the pictures are shown. There are hundreds of tasks on this activity due to the many possible combinations. There are always 9 pictures to choose from. There are 51 pictures that are in the activity.

Listening for Meaning: A vocabulary word is introduced in a sentence context. The user is asked to answer a related question. There are 50 questions at each level; total 150 listening for meaning questions.

Listening Power Preschool HD for the iPad!  $19.99

Academics' Choice


Listening for Descriptions:Listen to the description and find the picture that shows it. There are 50 questions in each level; 150 description questions total.

Activities can be set to Easy, Intermediate or Advanced levels. Select 2, 3 or 4 choices. Our auto advance/drop feature will adjust according to the child's response to make it easier or more challenging. (You can bypass this and set to manual mode if preferred). Text can be on or off. (We show text on below so you know what the questions are!)

There are 5 activities on this app:

* Listening for Descriptions

*Listening for Grammar

*Listening for Meaning

*Listening for Word Memory

*Listening for Stories

Listening for Grammar:  Students listen to 2, 3, or 4 sentences and pick out the sentence that is grammatically correct.

Sessions Results: Can be found by going into the Users Page (found on the homescreen). Select the player whose data you want to find. To the right of the player's name, you will see an orange box that says "Previous data". Click on that and it will bring up all the dates that the user played the game. Click on the date you want to see.

Listening for Stories: This is an example of an advanced level story. It is read to the child and then there are 5 questions posed about the content. There is a background noise button option to help practice "tuning out" distractions. There are 25 stories for each level. The Easy level is spoken slowly and includes pictures--similar to our preschool story app format. The Intermediate level includes a picture at the beginning and at the end of the story. The narrator speaks closer to a normal rate. The advanced level features non-fiction and science-fiction stories and the narrator speaks at a normal speaking rate. There are some photos to accompany biographies or other non-fiction content.

150 STORIES! 50 in each level (Easy, Intermediate, Advanced)

Listening for Stories: Students listen to stories--turn on background noise or a visual distraction (such as this boy bouncing a ball) to work on focus and attention. In listening mode, text is turned OFF. We are showing it so you can get an idea of an advanced level story.However, text can be turned on for a reading comprehension activity -- with narration on or off. Four-five questions per story are provided.

Listening for Missing Sounds: Listen to a sentence. Some sounds are missing. In the above sentence it might sound like this: "The _oy happily finished all of his _ealthy lunch today." What is the sentence supposed to say? This is good practice for auditory clozure--a good skill to have in noisy situations or for those with hearing impairment or CAPD/APD. It also taxes auditory memory. What is a logical guess? There are 50 questions at each level; total 150 missing sounds questions.

Listening for Meaning: Listen to a sentence that includes a key word. Answer a question about it to help associate the word and its meaning. There are 50 vocabulary words for each level; 150 vocabulary words total.


Listening Power Grades 4-8+!   $19.99