Progress/Data Tracker: 

Reinforcement Game (choice of intervals: after 3, 5 or 10 correct responses): Pick-a-Door! Find the animal that's hidden behind one of the 8 colorful doors. For children who need more of a break, this game can be played over and over, until the user is ready to proceed to the listening activity.

Stick Figure Option: The stick figure option presents a more abstract version of the sentence parts. The screen above shows an Easy Level screen.  Whole-body actions (jumping, sitting) are depicted by a stick figure that has no gender and is always singular, so that the child must make the conceptual leap from the subject to the verb and connect the two. This option is appropriate for older children who do not need the assistance of the color drawings.

The Sandtimer: What is it for?
The sandtimer allows the user additional time for processing as needed, but also adds difficulty so the child must work harder to remember the sentence for increasingly longer periods of time before the choices are revealed. It can be set for 10, 25, or 40 seconds. If the child has significant auditory memory issues and this is too difficult, the sandtimer can be turned off.  Another way to use the sandtimer is to have the child participate in some kind of simple motor task such as putting a puzzle piece in, stacking a block, or coloring something, while waiting for the choices to be revealed. The child will then need to use a strategy to hold on to the sentence, such as repeating it over and over (subvocalizing or reauditorization) or visualizing, or both.

Advanced Level Choices: The advanced level has 10 picture choices that the child must scroll through. 

Advanced Level: For the advanced level, the child listens to the complete sentence, spoken at a normal-fast rate of speech. There are no picture cues.  ** In this screen, we have the text turned on  but typically during a listening activity, you would keep the text off. 

Intermediate Level: Words are presented at a faster rate, with the pictures flashing very briefly on the screen, one at a time. There are 5 picture choices on the next screen.

Easy Level Choices: With the easy level, there are only 3 choices, with the choice often being fairly obvious. The child touches and drags the correct picture into the frame.

Emphasis: Language Processing & Early Visualizing!

Click the YouTube icon below to see a  longer demo of this app

Color Figures: The color figures use a consistent model for the subjects: boy, girl, children, he, she and they. The actions are demonstrated by the subject so the child can understand how the subject and verb interact.

Easy Level: the pictures appear (with text if selected as an option) one by one, after they are spoken. They stay on the screen until the choices are presented. The vocal presentation is very slow, with significant pausing between words.

An exciting app designed to facilitate and practice attending to the important elements of a sentence, at varying rates of presentation, with or without visual support.

Options in the Settings Include:

  • Choice of color drawing icons or stick figures
  • Levels include: easy (slow, with visual support staying on the screen) intermediate (faster rate with pauses, with visual support flashing briefly on the screen) and advanced (no pausing or  visual support)
  • Text on/Text off
  • Choice of subjects: Pronouns (He/she/they) or nouns (boy/girl/children)

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