Please update your apps. We are constantly making them more compatible with the ever-changing IOS so they run efficiently on your devices.

If the answer is not here, simply email us at

Q. I'm presenting/teaching a course about using apps. Can I have some codes to sample your apps?
A. Presenters are required to provide documentation of the workshop/inservice, including the expected number of audience members, location, date, and a link to public advertising about the event. Presentations must be for a large, targeted audience of at least 50 people. (In other words, having a team meeting or showing apps within your school district or place of employment does not qualify as a formal presentation.)

Q. I have a great idea for an app. Can I collaborate with you on one?
A. At this time, we are not entertaining collaborative projects.

Q. I want to make an app. Can I talk to you or your programmers about how to do it? I don't know where to start. Is it worth doing?
A. We get frequent requests for information about how to make apps. Unfortunately, all the information about our apps (how much it costs to develop, who we use, how we found them, etc) are proprietary and we cannot disclose or discuss any aspects of it.

Q. Can you send me a refund?
A. Actually, we don't handle your direct transactions, Apple does, so we can't give refunds. Consider that we are like the authors of a book and the App Store is like Amazon. We get a percentage of royalties about 4-6 weeks after the transaction, in a lump sum. We don't have any information in terms of your identity, payment information, contact information, etc. We only receive information about total sales. Anyhow, in the event that you purchase the wrong app or decide it doesn't meet your needs, please check out this link for some helpful information on how to get a refund:

Q. Do you have a privacy policy?
A. Yes, we do! Here is the link to our PRIVACY POLICY. In a nutshell, we do not collect any personal data from our users. You download the app and it is yours.  We don't handle the financial transactions, Apple does, so we don't have your email address or any identifying information. We have no idea who you are and therefore have nothing to share with anyone. You have direct access to the internet from most of our apps through the demo link (YouTube) and also our "Other Apps" link.

Q. I have one of your apps, and I love it, but it's crashing sometimes and not working right. What should I do?
A. This is a question we get at least once a month--about the full version of one of our apps, not the Lite.  Generally, there are two possibilities for this:

1. If there is any interruption in the Wi-Fi signal during the downloading process, it gets corrupted and the app won't work right. So what to do? Touch the app icon until it jiggles. Then touch the X in the corner. Say "yes" that you want to delete it. Now start from the beginning and download it again from your "purchased" tab in iTunes. You DO NOT have to pay for it again but you will lose your data unfortunately. But make sure you have a really strong, uninterrupted signal. Don't use a phone hot spot or dial-up connection. If you still have any difficulties with it running right, email us at  and we will help you troubleshoot. It should work right if it is downloaded correctly.

2. If you are running out of reserve memory on your iPad, any newly downloaded apps will not run right. They might crash or the functions/features will not be accessible. When you start getting low on memory, you can go into your Settings>About and check "Usage." You will see the "Storage" section there, which shows what you have used vs. what is available. For example, Fun with Directions is 198 MB, First Phrases is 482 MB, Listening Power Preschool is 481 MB, and Fun with Verbs & Sentences is 715 MB. We have some HUGE apps that have lots of videos and animations, and so you'll need adequate memory reserve to run them. The size of the app is listed in the iTunes store, under "Details."

If you are getting low on memory, you need to free up that space. Look at the "Manage Storage" tab, where it will list all of the apps, videos, etc. that you have on your iPad. You can delete apps that you don't use often. They would still be available in your "purchased" tab within iTunes and available to be re-downloaded for free again when you want to use them. You may need to delete the finicky new app and then re-download it with the newly available space so it works right.

Q. I can't get sound out of the app. My other apps work fine. I think it isn't working. What do I do?
A. We get this question several times a week. And it typically goes like this: "I have sound on my other apps, but not yours. What's wrong?"  Please look on the side of your iPad. There is a mute button there next to the volume button. Switch it on. If not, go into your settings>General>Sound and make sure it is turned on.  If you have an iPad Air 2, the mute button is located on the floating dock which can be opened by sweeping upward on the bottom of your screen.

In 100% of the cases--100%--that has been the culprit. It often takes us several emails to make someone actually look at their mute button and mute button settings because it seems illogical that other apps have sound and ours don't. But trust us, that's what it is! Apple would not approve an app that does not have working sound, and the sound doesn't just stop working for no reason after you have been using it successfully. It's the mute button/mute button setting folks!  Take a look at this YouTube video to help you:

Remember that the mute button controls sound on mp3 files--these are the narration files. Sound on videos and animations are embedded into different files and so are NOT affected by the mute button. That is why it seems odd that certain sounds are suddenly turned off and others are not.

Q. I am having trouble getting the microphones/recording function to work right on my apps. What can I do?
A. Go into your Settings> General. You will see a tab for "Restrictions". Click on that. It will ask you to generate a 4 digit password. Make one up. "Allow restrictions to be enabled". After that, scroll down to the microphone and you will see the list of all of your apps that have microphones in them, including ours. Move the switch to ON (green) so it is enabled. Hope this helps some of you--if you originally clicked on "do not allow"  when prompted that is the way to undo the problem.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I work with special needs children and would like free promo codes so I can try out your apps and maybe recommend them to parents. Can I get them from you?
A. We get many, many requests for free promo codes. The truth is, we only receive a finite number of these promotional codes from Apple and so we reserve them for giveaways at the ASHA/CSHA conventions, major blogs, and for presenters or speakers who talk on the topic of apps to large audiences. After that, we have to pay for them, just like you! We wish we could give more out to users or folks who work in schools and want to "try them out" or potentially recommend them to the families on their caseloads. We do have demos and lite/home versions that are extremely inexpensive so that you can get a good sense of the app before purchasing as well as YouTube videos that demonstrate the features.

Q. I would love a code for a giveaway for our ________ (convention, blog, class, meeting, presentation). Can you send me one?
A. Due to the large number of requests we cannot participate in app code giveaways unless paired with a major blog/site review publication, and even in these cases, they will likely be Lite versions or for the iPhone only at the time the review is published.