The Pro Edition features up to 30 users. The Home edition is exactly the same but allows only one user.  Multiple users can play a game on the Pro version, but be aware that each child must complete an entire activity (Guess Boxes--all of the details OR Talk About It Page) before moving on to the next user. 

The Perfect App for Elementary Age Children who need work on:

- Narrative Language - Defining - Describing - Explaining -

- Saliency - Vocabulary Development - Word Retrieval - Working -

 - Memory -

Talk About It: Objects HD 

Home Version: single user


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Pro Version


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Next it's time to score the response. The adult should decide in advance how these will be scored. Does the response need to be complete? With correct syntax? Articulation? The child's personal speech and language goals can be incorporated here, so it is an open-ended scoring. Listen to the recording and score it. The adult should touch the red circle if the child is given credit for recalling a particular detail about the object. Including the child in the scoring process is a good idea. Then touch the yellow arrow to move to the next activity.

This is the "Talk About It" part of the app, which is the expressive component. The "correct" details from the Guess Boxes are now stored behind the curtain. You can touch the "Show" button to reveal them and then hide them.  Below the recording box are magnifying glasses. These offer clues to help the child think of what to say about this object. After rehearsal, touch "Start" to begin recording. Touch the playback button to listen to the response.

The settings allow you to custom select an object or place from a choice of 50 such as: shoe, hat, coat, dog, cat, horse, hospital, park, school, piano, guitar, drum, book, oven, refrigerator, airplane, bus, car, train and more!

The user is presented with 4 sentences in the "Guess Box" to work on the receptive component of this game. The sentences are read, and the one that is the most "specific and important" is selected. The user can choose either 3, 5 or 7 details to be targeted in the Guess Box activity.

Pro Version: groups & up to 30 users

Now it's time for some fun! The reward game can be played at various intervals, depending on what was selected in the settings. The default setting is after 3 objects. Touch "Go" to knock down the cans, bottles or glasses, just like the carnival games! Score 25 points and you "win a panda" (virtual one).